Cooking events (for couples and individuals)

Our cooking events are distinguished by a relaxed atmosphere in a scenic setting. The members of the cooking course meet at 6 pm at Milos Waldhaus. The evening starts with a small reception and sparkling wine or a typical drink suitable to the theme of the evening. Beginning with a brief introduction to the cooking course the guided cooking starts at the prepared cooking stations. After about two hours you can enjoy your own creations in the stylish ambience of the event kitchen with a good wine or drinks of your choice. The evening ends around 22 pm.

Date Cooking course
28.09.17 Modern South African Food - a culinary journey through the southern tip of Africa 2809
12.10.17 Rural Italian Food - rustic & tasty 1210
26.10.17 T-Bone-Steak XL - a culinary highlight for Steaklovers with a big appetit 2610
09.11.17 Greetings from the Orient - spicy, exotic, tasteful 0911
14.11.17 Mediterranean Treat - a fresh, light cuisine, incomparably good 1411

A description of the menus is opened by clicking the green underlined course names. The prices are listed in the course description, including the VAT of 19%. The prices include all meals and drinks of the culinary evening.


If you would like to participate in one of the cooking courses listed above, you can contact us by filling in the booking form. You can also phone us or book personally at the Milos Waldhaus. Please contact us and we will arrange an appointment.